My favorite types of clients to work with are those who are willing and able. Often times I come across those who are “able,” but not willing to do what it takes and vice versa. I enjoy seeing the light bulb switch on as my clients, who are stuck in the proverbial box and looking to get out, realize that the instructions they were looking for INSIDE of the box are actually taped to the OUTSIDE!

I am a wife, mom, author and certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker, Trainer.

Some say “I’m busy” and to that, I always reply, “Aren’t we all?”

I believe we are all busy working towards the life we desire.

It is my purpose to be the steward of my clients' dreams.

As a speaker & trainer, I help clients move forward through what may be holding them back. Our mind can play tricks on us if we allow it. Understanding who you really are, and not the version of who you think you are, can be the difference-maker you are looking for in order to become the best version of you. It’s important to stand in the direction of your faith always, with your heels in the sand, knowing that faith and fear cannot coexist and you get to choose.

Who you learn from matters, and I have learned from the best. I am able to take the knowledge that I have gleaned from my mentors, including John C. Maxwell, Mark Cole, Chris Robinson and Paul Martinelli – mentors I have had the honor to learn from firsthand in my role as Program Advisor for the John Maxwell Team – and pass that knowledge to you and your team, so that you all will experience growth both personally and professionally.

Whether you are looking for small group workshops or a keynote speaker, I’m your girl!

Feel free to give me a call now to discuss how we can work together to move you and your team  in the desired direction to reach your goals. It is my goal to be the easiest trainer/speaker you've ever worked with. I pride myself on exceeding expectations, connecting with my audience and fulfilling the commitment for them to feel encouraged and inspired. My clients walk away with tangible action steps to implement immediately.

Goodnight, Oscar is a sweet story about a young boy whose dog has died. This story will warm your heart and help your family discuss the loss of a pet.

When the family's boxer Oscar died, Mayce and her husband, Noel, struggled with explaining his death to their young boys. When Mayce couldn't find a book that suited their needs, she decided to write one. She hopes her family's story will make grieving your pet a little easier.





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Happy Clients


“Your joy and passion are inspiring!  You run a high-energy and jam-packed mastermind -- very well done! I have many take-aways from today's session, and many things to percolate on!”



“Wow! Joining you tonight showed me there is nothing to be afraid of.  I really have clarity on the tools available to me.”

“Thank you so much for tonight, before our session was over, I had already identified gaps in my growth.”


“This was awesome! I didn’t know what to expect, but now I have a plan to be intentional about my goals.”